Why stay at B7?

A B&B distinguishes itself from many other lodgings in offering a homelike atmosphere and hospitality. Are you tired of the hotel room that looks the same in every city? And do you want to be away from home but still feel at home? Then B7 is the place to go.

And you can also bring your horse! Your horse(s) will be lovingly cared for by us, which gives you as the owner the room and peace to do what you love to do with your animal: enjoy a relaxed ride on your horse or just sit down in the pasture with her/him and be happy with what you see!

For the time being, B7 is a B&B with the possibility to take your horse along for a few days’ holiday. In the near future, the main barn and the former cow stable will be transitioned into horse boxes and multifunctional lecture rooms for courses with the main goal to learn humans and animals (horses – dogs) to remove the feeling of obligation and replace it with pleasure.

By looking at ‘obligations’ differently, we can learn to be in touch with things in a more positive and happier way, and to get more joy out of friendships and contacts with people and animals around us.
The man goal in a human’s life is ….. to be happy!

About B7