Stables & Prices

Enough space for running and eating grass at Horse Lodging B7Behind the big barn, we are currently building our horse stables. Because of these building activities, the horses which stay at B7, are temporarily lodged in one of the stables of the adjacent animal physiotherapy practice of
Francis Gommans.

Animal Physiotherapy Practice Francis Gommans

You can also choose outdoor grazing at B7 only.

The smaller pastures are located behind our stables. We also have a large pasture at our disposal at a
50 meters’ distance from the farm, which offers plenty of running and grazing space for your horse.


For B&B guests:
Eating grass on the meadows of Horse Lodging B7
Stable and outdoor grazing:
First night: € 25
All subsequent nights: € 12,50

Rates include feeding twice a day and hay three times a day.
Of course, it is also possible to bring your own feed. The rates will then be adjusted accordingly.

Outdoor grazing only:
There is an option to only leave your horse in one of the pastures. The rate for this is € 7,50 per night.